About Us

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TA Planners provides comprehensive financial organization and advice to enable you to make informed decisions which will save you time, save you money and help you achieve peace of mind. We do this by conducting a thorough review of your financial situation and understanding your goals and experiences with money before making recommendations and providing help with implementation. 

We want to know your story. Understanding your dreams and objectives as well as what role your finances play in your life will be our guiding light as we prepare your comprehensive financial plan or help you address a specific issue using human expertise and secureadvanced technology. We believe that every client has a different perspective and experience with money and therefore deserves customized advice. We pride ourselves on our transparency and fiduciary standards.

We can also offer customized presentations, education, workshops and advisory memorandums. We make superior technology available to our clients and even provide you with the opportunity to make a gift of financial planning expertise and technology to a loved one.

The fee-only aspect of our business means that we are compensated exclusively by our clients. We do not necessarily seek to replace your existing investment advisor (although we do make proprietary very low cost, highly diversified model portfolios available to you if desired) and we never take payments or commissions from any third party providers, such as investment firms or insurance companies, in return for promoting their products or policies to you.

Our only motivation is our clients’ best interest.

We have a number of specialties, including financial planning for non-citizens and expats based in the United States and financial planning for the LGBT community.

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TA Planners is a division of Total Alignment Wealth Advisors LLC, a NAPFA-registered fee-only financial planning firm. We are proud to adhere to the fiduciary standards of professional conduct laid down by the CFP Board as well as of our association with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) through Total Alignment Wealth Advisors LLC.