Give the Gift of Financial Organization and Insight

Most of us know someone who is embarking on a journey of some kind. Some of those journeys are filled with hope and excitement, but others can seem daunting and intimidating. What they all have in common is the element of the unknown.

  • Graduation gift
  • Wedding
  • Having children
  • Milestone birthday
  • First home
  • An inheritance, bonus or windfall
  • Retirement
  • Moving from another state or another country
  • Career change
  • Life post-divorce
  • Moving on after the death of a partner


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help that person find guidance along the way? Now TA Planners offers you a means to do just that. You can provide positive and practical assistance to family and friends and make a tangible difference in their lives through the gift of giving them access to time with a TA Planners financial planning professional and to our advanced financial organization and electronic document storage technology.

We have three packages available:

TA Planners RightStart™ Gift Package – Start them on the path to financial organization, ideas and insights with one 2-Hour Focused Financial Coaching session with a financial planner and secure 6-month access to WealthLook™  .. Cost: $375

TA Planners LongTrack™ Gift Package – Have them learn even more and get organized for even longer with two 2-Hour Focused Financial Coaching sessions and one-year of secure access to WealthLook™ .. Cost: $750

TA Planners 360 CFO™ Gift Package – The ultimate gesture. A fully comprehensive written and verbally-delivered financial plan and dedicated assistance as needed to help implement and monitor your plan with our six-month 360 CFO™ plan which, of course, includes secure access to their own personal Wealthlook™ website during the engagement period .. Cost: $1,800


If your friend or family member is going to be in the New York area, they are welcome to come by our midtown offices for face-to-face meetings for the Focused Financial Coaching sessions or plan delivery. If not, we can use Skype, Webex, Google Hangout or have a conference call.

Contact us to learn more about our packages and the terms and conditions that apply. And help your friends and family along the way.

IMPORTANT: If you buy a gift directly through our website, the recipient will be immediately informed of your purchase for them. If you do not wish them to be notified of your gift until a later date, please call us at (212) 203 0714 and we will arrange for the gift to be bought more discreetly.