Total Alignment™ Institute of Research and Learning

TA Planners, through the Total Alignment™ Institute of Research and Learning, can provide presentations, workshops and educational meetings on a wide range of broad or specific financial planning-related topics. Our presentations will be educational in nature, can be tailored to be of specific interest to the type of audience and, of course, you can be confident that there will be no product or policy sales agenda behind it.

Among the places we can provide these are:

  • The workplace
  • a school or college
  • in front of special interest affinity groups
  • gatherings of your potentially interested clients
  • at a trade association or chamber of commerce meeting
  • at a union meeting
  • an embassy or consulate
  • at an investment club meeting
  • a library or community center
  • our Total Alignment offices in midtown Manhattan
  • pretty much anywhere like-minded people meet up and would like the chance to become smarter in their financial lives.


Contact us if you would be interested in discussing us putting on such an event either at your location or at ours.

The institute can also offer a Private Advisory Research Memorandum, a researched written project on a particular financial planning-related topic that a client or fellow financial professional may want us to undertake.