Investment Management


John Bogle said it best, investing should be viewed four-dimensionally: Return, Risk, Cost, and Time. Many investors focus on just one dimension: return. While the rate of return is important, it needs to be viewed in the context of how much risk is being taken to attain it. And how much is it really costing in terms of fees? And is the allocation appropriate given the investor’s time horizon?

At TA Planners, we will offer completely independent and unbiased advice on asset allocation strategies and can recommend appropriate investment products while always approaching investment advice from both a quantitative and qualitative standpoint. We will investigate your risk tolerance (and not just by asking you “what is your risk tolerance?”), discuss time horizons, take taxes into account, advise on rebalancing and tax-harvesting strategies and see if socially responsible investing is important to you. Perhaps your investment choices are limited by the type of account you have (retirement plans, annuities). Then, using powerful technology and leveraging the many years of financial market experience within the firm, we will compare your current overall asset allocation with one that we can suggest might be a better fit for you and your circumstances.

If you wish, we can offer a number of very low cost, highly diversified model portfolios held at Charles Schwab in which you are welcome to invest to help implement our recommendations. We will take care of any re-balancing that may be required and keep you up to date on performance and market conditions by means of periodic communication and you will even get a chance to speak to the investment manager if you want. There is no minimum balance for this service. It is intended to complement to our financial planning services.

However, if you would prefer to implement our recommendations through your existing advisor or platform, or would like to open some new accounts to do this, then we can offer assistance with that too.