The Fee-Only Difference

What does “fee-only” mean when it comes to dealing with TA Planners?:

  • Our only compensation comes from you, our client.
  • We operate under a fiduciary standard, not just a suitability standard, which means that our motivation to recommend a particular course of action or financial solution is exclusively your best interest, not commission in our pockets.
  • We will never take payments from any insurance company, investment firm or any other third party in order to influence us into promoting a particular strategy or emphasizing a specific type of policy or investment product to you.
  • We are not necessarily seeking to replace your investment advisor. In our plan, we will make significant asset allocation recommendations. You do have the option to implement these through our very low cost highly diversified model portfolios if you choose to, but we can also just as easily assist with implementation through your existing advisor or help you set up new accounts if you prefer..
  • If we refer you to other financial or legal professionals for additional assistance, you can be sure that there has been no inducement behind that referral. What we ask of our associated professionals is that they demonstrate a high level of expertise and competence in their field, that they treat our clients with the respect they deserve and that they charge a fee which is appropriate and fair.
  • We will not attempt to advise you on subjects beyond our areas of expertise.
  • Our fees are fully transparent, easy for you to understand prior to engaging our services and may even be tax-deductible. Talk to your tax accountant about this.
  • Our value is clear to you.